Flisekompaniet is a leading chain in ceramic tiles.

Flisekompaniet is a leading chain in ceramic tiles.

The chain offers a wide range of products for the bathroom and patio, as well as natural stone and other renovation products for Norwegian homes. Flisekompaniet has 36 outlets from Alta in the north to Kristiansand in the south of Norway. We target both professional craftsmen and DYI customers. We have programmes for our professional customers, in which our most comprehensive concept, “Proff Komplett,” means security and competitive advantage for our partners.

Flisekompaniet also includes the top line stores “Studio Bergersen”, located in the largest cities in Norway. The Studio Bergersen consept is serving architects and designers with focus on larger building projects.

At Flisekompaniet, customers always receive quality products with a short delivery time on favourable terms. This is possible with good logistics services and our deep and wide range in stock at the central warehouse.


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